Inside the Food PyramidThe Ridge is pleased to announce we have a new nutritionist on staff, Jaimie Noble! She will be hosting a free nutrition seminar Wednesday, July 14th at 6:30 pm called “Inside the Food Pyramid.”  Come explore all of the food groups and learn how to get the right amount in each.  The seminar will meet at The Ridge on Fallon in the conference room.  If you’d like to meet with Jaimie one-on-one, or find out more information on how working with a nutritionist can help you meet your goals, contact Josh at 586-1737.


Hi!  My name is Jamie Noble and I am a nutrition addict.  I recently graduated from MSU with a Food and Nutrition degree.  Two of my greatest passions in life are food and exercise.  In 2006, I transferred from The University of Montana as a business major to MSU in hopes of finding a different field.  I was having trouble choosing a different major, so I took a semester off to work full time.  Working full time was not right for me at the time, so began my obsession with food, cooking, and fitness.  I had found my calling: food.  I began experimenting with recipes, exploring new cuisines, and tasting everything I can.  I found healthy ways to use food as my fuel for life and exercise.  The knowledge I have gained from the Food and Nutrition program empowered me to complete a full marathon, multiple races, and to lead an active life.

I cannot stand to be bored so I find constructive things to do in my spare time:
• Running, exercising
• Cooking and baking
• Hiking
• Camping
• Making jewelry
• Painting and art

 The last few months I have been providing nutrition seminars here at The Ridge and love them!  I am very passionate about health and wellness and helping people understand the importance of nutrition.  I do not believe in telling people what they should eat, but by leading them in the right direction, providing new ideas, and educating them to make their own decision.  Healthy eating is an achievable task and I want to motivate people to try.  I want to provide new ideas for meals and food, information about nutrients, and the importance of a well-balanced diet.  Nutrition is not just food; it is a habit, a lifestyle and a way of life. 

Eating right and staying physically active are ways of a healthy lifestyle.  Learning about healthful habits and smarter food choices help you feel better today and stay healthy tomorrow.

My Top 5 Nutrition Tips…
1. Color your plate. When you have more color, that usually means more nutrition!
2. Eat food you like. Restriction of food now causes you to eat much more later.
3. Eat more to weigh less! How? Fruits and vegetables are low calorie and high in nutrients, so eating them all day will keep your calories low but your body strong.
4. Explore new foods. Just like your workout routine, your diet needs to be switched up once in a while to challenge your body and help keep you healthy. Try a new cuisine like Thai, Indian, Moroccan, or Greek!
5. Eat breakfast! Even if you aren’t hungry, eat something. Grab a piece of fruit, granola bar, or yogurt on the go; make a smoothie the night before, or have a simple bowl of cereal; how about breakfast sandwiches or omelets? Yum!