It’s true. Everything is relative, including the price of getting healthy. Gym memberships, personal training, child care, whatever your fitness regimen requires, it definitely adds up. Or does it?

The average cable and internet bill is $135.00 a month. The average person spends $23.00 a week on coffee. The average cost of a heart attack is $38,501. This should put whatever you spent on your health and fitness this month in a little better context. I’m not saying it should cost a fortune to be healthy, but to put it bluntly, if you spend a $100 then you are going to have a $100 body.

Investing in your future-self is easily one the best things you can do with your time on a daily basis, and worth every penny. If or when cost becomes an issue, be smart with your spending. Hire a trainer once a month to write out four weeks of workouts. Look into less expenseve training options such as small group training or group fitness classes. And finally hold yourself accountable – leave your phone in the car, stop talking, and get after it on your own, for free!

Remember, if you think your gym bill is steep wait until you see your medical bill in a few years. Relativity is a mother, but getting ahead of the game now can save you the stress on your health later.

Article By: Sean Beckett, ACSM-CPT