With so many pieces of equipment, space, and resources in a gym, why is it that so many gym members choose group exercise classes over a 30 minute treadmill session? Why do we wake up early to sign up for popular classes, forgo our lunch breaks and wake up at the crack of dawn to attend Spin, Body Pump, or Zumba?
Because we want to feel connected. No, not connected to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The “old fashioned” connected. Being surrounded by others who are going through the same experience and listening to the same rhythm and music builds connection to those around you in a workout environment.
Being in a group setting for exercise puts everyone on the same level. As a Pilates instructor, I feel connected to every person in the room because we move through the class sequence together. This allows me to feel empathy for what each participant is working through, try to make them smile when they are tired, and understand how to push them even when they want to give up.
Music is another way to foster connection in group exercise classes. As a Body Pump participant, the music is a very important part of the workout because it helps people anticipate upcoming exercises and changes in tempo. Working out to the beat of the music in a group setting connects the soul to the body, which allows the entire class to move together, and celebrate when all the hard work is done.
Every person wants and has a deep desire to feel & be connected. As we connect with others through healthy, positive endeavors such as group exercise we build stronger minds, souls, and communities. 
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Blaise Collett