Adolescents and Activity

In today’s electronic filled world it’s difficult to get most kids away from the television, computer, video games, and cell phones. Yet, it is vitally important for youths to get enough physical activity each day. For some parents this seems like a daunting task and it can be, but the … Read More

Got Motivation?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”-Zig Ziglar Need a little motivation?  We love the site “Believe to Achieve” to get our daily dose of motivation.  Check it out, enjoy, and repeat daily.

The Dirt On Carbohydrates & Exercise

Ridge Personal Trainer Kate Murphy gives you the dirt on carbs and exercise… Current research shows that when carbohydrate stores are depleted by almost 50%, there is evidence that there is actually increased stimulus for enhanced enzyme activity in skeletal muscle, which is a good thing, since it means you … Read More

Fitness Tip: Give your toddler a head start on fitness

Do you dream of having your kids be football stars or prima ballerinas?  Help your toddlers get a head start on standing, walking, running, and the thousands of other activities that use their feet.  The adorable baby shoes we all love may help your baby stand without falling, but in … Read More