Whether it’s your first time or your 100th, Ridge Group Fitness Classes put your mind at ease and your body in motion.
Keep your fitness momentum rolling with expert guidance and a social, fun setting.

Where do I start?

Introductory classes are available for Body Pump.

Body Pump Introduction: Body Pump Intros are offered in a group or one-on-one setting. Contact our group fitness director to find upcoming dates at Learn which techniques and what equipment you’ll need to benefit the most from our Body Pump classes.

What if an introductory class is not available for the class I’d like to attend?

Simply arrive 10 minutes before class starts and our instructors will personally bring you up to speed. Need more than 10 minutes? Contact our Group Fitness Director for private assistance. Our goal at the Ridge is to offer the benefits of Group Fitness to all of our members—let us help you get started.

The Ridge Studios
Our Studios

Group exercise classes take place in our three beautifully designed studios:

  • Blackmore Studio: This studio is designed specifically to enhance group cycling workouts. A dramatic, theatrical design enables participants to devote their focus to the task ahead. Over 30 Keiser M3 bikes and top-of-the-line audio setups are available.
  • Bridger Studio: This studio is where all of the action-packed, high-energy classes like Body Pump, Body Attack, and Zumba take place. With brightly colored walls, suspended wood floors, and top-of-the-line audio equipment, this room provides an energetic boost to workouts.
  • Mind & Body Ridge: With soft lighting, muted wall colors, wood flooring, warmer temperatures, and quality audio, the Mind & Body studio welcomes calmer workouts, like Yoga and Total Barre.