• The pool will be closed until September 16th in order for us to install a new pool deck. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • We ask that all members wear a mask in the common areas of the club. Masks are not required when swimming or engaged in vigorous exercise, per CDC recommendations.
  • Please wipe down equipment prior to and after your workout.
  • Please social distance whenever possible.
  • Dress appropriately in clothes designed for working out. Shirt and shoes are required.
  • Re-rack your weights, be courteous to others, and allow people to work into your sets. Lend a hand if someone is in need.
  • Sanitation stations are available for everyone’s benefit. Please spray the rag and not directory onto equipment. 
  • Please avoid excessive grunting or vocalizing. Watch offensive language. 
  • Be mindful of others when using cell phones and take your calls away from the cardio and weight room floor. 
  • Absolutely no photos or videos in the locker rooms.
  • Please cover up in the steam room and sauna. Shaving is not permitted.
  • Please return used towels to the bin by the service desk.
  • Please be aware of our Family Friendly and Adult hours.
  • If you see something, say something. We are here to help and your feedback is welcome.

Covid-19 precautions at the ridge

Your health and safety has never been more important to us, and the Ridge has gone to great lengths to ensure your workouts are safe.

some of the newly implemented safety precautions are:

  • Hired new “health guard” positions to ensure equipment is regularly being sanitized
  • Purchased new electrostatic foggers to spray lockers, equipment, and turf floors multiple times each day
  • Doubled the amount of sanitation stations and hand sanitizers in the facilities
  • Provide each member with their own individual sweat towel with instructions to clean equipment prior to and after their workout
  • Limited the number of people within the facilities at one time
  • Created new traffic flow patterns at the Fallon location to ensure social distancing
  • Took every-other piece of cardio equipment off-line
  • Marked areas on the floor of group fitness studios to ensure proper social distancing
  • Made masks mandatory, except when working out (as per CDC and OSHA guidelines)
  • Purchased new ionization units for all HVAC ducts that bonds with particulates in the air, making them heavier and more easily removed. These ions suck the hydrogen out of the particulate they bond with (including Covid-19), rendering them uninfectous. 

We feel confident that these safeguards have, and will continue to keep our members safe during this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to contact the club with any questions about these new precautions. 

Lululemon is at Ridge Athletic Clubs!

From the Lululemon website:  “Lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men.”
… “A constant that has never wavered is our desire to empower people to reach their full potential through providing the right tools and resources, and encouraging a culture of leadership, goal setting, and personal responsibility. Our core values of quality, product, integrity, balance, entrepreneurship, greatness, and fun are lived by our people every day and are at the heart of our unique company culture. We live a life we love. We set our goals to align with our vision, and it’s why, so often, our one-year goals become today’s reality.”

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