Steve Roderick
Owner/General Manager
Ext. 104

Darrell Cherry
Chief Operations Officer
Ext. 101

Campbell Gerrish
Downtown Manager
(406) 586-0077

Melisa Cheney
Business Office Manager
Ext. 112

Eddie Davila
Fitness Director
Ext. 109

Tana Smolnikar
Service Desk Director
Ext. 108

Rainey Peuse
Group Fitness Director
Ext. 103

Beth Thorsen
Spa Ridge Manager

Chris Edwards
Membership Director
Ext. 120

Tanner Roderick
Membership Advisor
Ext. 120

Alyssa Pickrel
Membership Advisor
Ext. 120

Jason Schoper
Adult and Youth Swim Lessons

Todd Stewart
Facilities Manager

Brooke Carlson
Ridge Kids Manager and Kids Programming Director