In 2013, we expanded our swim offerings to accommodate all levels of swimmers based on ability, rather than just age. By doing so, we are able to fit each child in the best possible learning environment so they feel safe and successful. With only 5 students per group, your swimmer will get personalized attention with our highly qualified instructors. Read the class descriptions below to find the right fit for your child. Need help deciding? See our swim level flow chart or call Jason Schoper at (406) 586-2817 or email

PARENT-TOT (Standard ages: 6 Mos-2 Yrs)
For infants and toddlers who need a parent in the water with them. Our instructor will coach parents on how to introduce your child to the water with some fun water games.

CLAMDIGGERS (Standard ages 2.5-5 or kids 6 and below who have never had swim lessons, or who have limited experiences in the pool)

This class is for children with limited or no previous swim experience. Children will learn basic water and safety skills through games, songs, and fun! The class goal is to become comfortable in the water.

What will they do in class? Kids will play games and do activities aimed at helping them become more comfortable in the water as well as working on basic swimming skills.

A successful Clamdigger will be able to do the following:

  • Blow bubbles from their mouth
  • A front float with instructor assistance
  • A back float with instructor assistance
  • Kick their feet while sitting on the stairs


TURTLES (Standard ages 3-6 who have had some experience with the water, or those who can complete all Clamdigger skills)

This class is for children who are able to attempt floating on front and back with assistance, or who have been through a beginner swim class. Our goal is to learn proper breath control, float using a barbell or similar flotation tool, jump in the water, and be able to fully submerge the head comfortably.

What will they do in class? Turtles will improve upon skills from the Clamdigger level and will venture deeper into the pool to learn to move themselves using a kick.  Turtles will also practice some skills in the deep end of the pool, and learn more independence while swimming.

A successful Turtle will be able to do the following:

  • Perform a Front Float while blowing bubbles, with instructor help
  • Perform a Back Float while holding a barbell
  • Kick at least 10 feet on both the front and back using either a foam barbell or kickboard
  • Blow Nose Bubbles while submerged


STARFISH (Standard ages 4-6+ who are comfortable going underwater and attempting to swim independently)

The Starfish class is for children who have been through at least two sessions, and can comfortably submerge, as well as float using a barbell without instructor assistance. 

What will they do in class? Starfish will begin increased work on independent swimming.  They will learn how to perform independent floats, as well as the basics of propelling themselves through the water using their arms and legs.

A successful Starfish will be able to do the following:

  • Perform an independent Front Float
  • Perform an independent Back Float
  • Perform a Front Kick using a barbell while blowing bubbles
  • Basic Freestyle arm strokes 


CROCODILES (Standard ages 5-8+ who have completed all Starfish skills or those who are comfortable floating without assistance)

This is an intermediate class for swimmers who are able to swim using basic freestyle arm strokes with their faces in the water, and who can float without any assistance. 

What will they do in class? Crocodiles will work on improving their freestyle and backstroke skills as well as beginner breathing while swimming. Crocodiles will spend some class time in deeper water to reinforce old skills as well as further develop new ones. Crocodiles will also learn safety skills important to deep water. 

A successful Crocodile will be able to do the following:

  • Basic Freestyle for 10 Feet
  • Basic Backstroke for 10 feet
  • Kick on the back for at least 10 feet without assistance
  • Perform a Front Float-Back Float Transition while kicking
  • Perform a Self-Rescue Skill in the deep end


SURFERS (Standard ages 6-10+ who are able to swim full lengths of both backstroke and freestyle, or those who have completed all Crocodile skills)

This is a class for experienced swimmers who are able to swim for at least 10 feet using both freestyle and backstroke. Surfers must be comfortable swimming where they are not able to touch the bottom, as most of the skills worked on will be in the deeper areas of the pool. 

What will they do in class? Surfers will continue working on freestyle, learning to breathe to the side, as well as increasing their strength on backstroke. Swimmers will also be introduced to the breaststroke and dolphin kicks

A successful surfer will be able to do the following:

  • Swim 10 Yards of Freestyle, rolling to breathe
  • Swim a full length of backstroke 
  • Perform Basic Breastroke kick on the back 
  • Perform a basic Dolphin kick
  • Push off the wall in a proper Streamline


BARRACUDAS (Standard ages 8-12 or those who have passed all other levels of the Ridge program or an equivalent swim program)

This is an advanced class for those who are able to swim at least half of the pool on both their front and back, as well as perform all 4 competitive kicks. 

What will they do in class? Barracudas will learn proper side breathing for freestyle, as well as refining the breaststroke and dolphin kicks. Those who complete the Barracuda level will be ready to advance to the Aquatic Club or entry onto a swim team. 

A successful Barracuda will be able to do the following:

  • Swim a full length of Freestyle with Basic Side Breathing
  • Demonstrate 10 yards of Breastroke kick with proper foot positioning
  • Demonstrate 10 yards of Dolphin Kick
  • Swim a full length of Elementary Backstroke with proper timing.

Summer Morning Swim Schedule
Monday through Thursday Mornings
Meets Four times per week for Two weeks
(8 Lessons total)
Clamdiggers and Turtles: 9:30-10am
Starfish and Crocodiles: 10-10:30am
Surfers and Barracudas:10:30-11am
Session 1: June 15- June 25
Session 2: June 29- July 9
Session 3: July 13- July 23
Session 4: July 27- August 6
Session 5: August 10- August 20
$75 Members | $100 Non-Members

Summer Afternoon Swim Schedule
Monday and Wednesday Afternoons
Meets Two times per week for Four weeks
(8 Lessons Total)
Clamdiggers and Turtles: 4-4:30pm
Starfish and Crocodiles: 4:30-5pm
Surfers and Barracudas:5-5:30pm
Session 1: June 15- July 8
Session 2: July 13- August 5
$75 Members | $100 Non-Members

If you’re already a Ridge Member, click here to register. Non-Members, please call Jason Schoper at (406) 586-2817 or email

Private lessons and other youth programs are also available!

Whether your child is just learning to swim or you’re wanting to refine your stroke, private lessons give you focused attention to achieve success at your pace and meet your unique goals.

Private Lessons

*Single lesson purchases are currently unavailable

Single 1/2 Hour Private Lesson
$35 Members | $45 Guests

1/2 Hour Private Lesson Packages
6 Lessons: $145 Members | $175 Guests
8 Lessons: $190 Members | $230 Guests

Four 45 Minute Private Lessons
$145 Members | $175 Guests

Semi-Private Lessons 

1/2 Hour Semi-Private Lesson
$20 Members | $25 Guests

*Cost is per child, per lesson

1/2 Hour Semi-Private Lesson Packages

12 Lessons: $180 Members | $240 Guests

*Up to 6 lessons total per child

16 Lessons: $240 Members | $320 Guests

*Up to 8 lessons total per child

45 Minute Semi-Private Lesson
$30 Members | $40 Guests
*Cost is per child, per lesson

>>Click Here to view Private Swim Lesson Pricing