10-pound meltdown

Wednesdays, January 3-February 3, 6:00pm
Ridge on Fallon conference room
This program works because it’s not a diet! You will learn to eat right and live healthy so you can lose weight and keep it off. Experience the joy of eating the foods you love without the guilt, and learn the truth about nutrition without the confusing rules.

$99 members    $225 non-members


Tuesday, January 5, 9:00am
Ridge Pool

Join Valerie to learn about the benefits of exercising in the water. Use the resistance from the water to build strength, or take advantage of the buoyancy to recover from injury. 



fall prevention

 Wednesdays, January 6th – 27th, 10:00-10:45 am

These 45-minute sessions are designed for anyone who may struggle with balance, have “slow feet”, or simply want to ensure safety as they move through the icy Bozeman winters.  

Appropriate for all levels. 

$39 members  $69 non-members

warrior workout

Monday, Wednesday & Friday beginning January 4th                                            6:30 am-Fallon location 8:00 am Downtown Ridge 

Scoring well on the Army Combat Fitness Test requires more than just aerobic endurance. Join Ciera as she takes you through the same training she has done for her US Army soldiers. It will be a full-body workout that will get you in the best shape of your life

$85 members  $150 non-members

bigger - faster - stronger

Beginning in October. 

Bigger, Faster, Stronger is designed for Jr. High and High School students looking to improve performance for teens looking to be at their top physical condition. Great for those training for a sports team. 

JV (ages 12-14) TU/TH 3:30pm   VARSITY (ages 15-17) TU/TH 4:30pm

Contact Tammi at tammi@ridgeathletic.com for registration information

$59 Members | $199 Non-Members



Healing shoulder pain

Tank Top Tone Arms | Weds Aug 7, 6:45-7:30pm | Fri Aug 9, 8-8:45am | Fallon Ridge X Green

A trouble-shooting guide for common shoulder problems. In this one-hour workshop you will learn a complete shoulder workout, including warm up, stretching, and strengthening exercises. 
Monday, september 21, 6:30pm 



simple fitness

T/Th | 5:45-6:15am, 6:25-6:55am, 5:30-6:00pm, 6:10-6:40pm | Hyalite Studio

Saturday | 6:25-6:55am | (Make up session) Hyalite Studio

Are you looking for a great functional training workout in an intimate environment? This 30-minute training will get your heart pounding and muscles burning with great instruction. Great for those who may be new to fitness. 

$49 Members   $99 Non-members

healing shoulder pain

Wednesdays, January 6-27 or Saturdays, January 9-30                                10:00 am  |Ridge X Blue | Fallon location 
A trouble shooting guide for common shoulder problems. In this one-hour workshop you will learn a complete shoulder workout, including warm up, stretches, and strengthening exercises
$100 members     $148 non-members 

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