Meet the Students | Team Mountain Grit

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Starting Monday, October 19th, Ridge Athletic Clubs will be hosting a new program, developed and run by three MSU students!   Here is a word from students, Samantha Fagan, Brandon Endy, and Rachel Moore, about the development and implementation of their program at Ridge Athletic Clubs! We are seniors at Montana … Read More

Fueling Your Family | How to Snack Happy

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  As many of us launch into back-to-school mode, you might also find yourself launched into the daunting hunt for healthy snack ideas. As a mom of 2 with my oldest starting Kindergarten this year, I am right there with you! The first couple weeks of packing her morning and … Read More

Fitness Matters | On Pep Talks and Mantras

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“If you don’t keep moving, the miles will never come.”  I kept repeating this simple mantra sentence in my head last week during the Bozeman marathon. Both mentally and physically I fell apart during the race and wanted to stop. I was in need of some serious pep talks with … Read More

In Fitness, One Size Does NOT Fit All

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Watching the finish of this years’ Bridger Ridge Run got me thinking about all of the different shapes and sizes of runners crossing the finish line. With a six-hour difference between the first and last finisher, it makes sense that these genetic anthropometric differences play a role in creating such a range in performance … Read More

Causes Of & Exercises for Low Back Pain

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Low back pain and instability wreak havoc among active and inactive people alike, and while there are varying intensities and causes, the discomfort can be debilitating. There is no single factor that links every low back problem to one another but there are a few common themes between them. One … Read More

The Bare Facts about Barre

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The first barre class opened up in London in the 1950’s & now we have our every own Total Barre class at the Ridge.  If you’ve never taken our barre class before, here are a few things you should know. #1 – When it comes to Total Barre, think quality … Read More

Summer Exercise Pointers

Exercising in beautiful sunny weather can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the summer. However, with the increased temperatures come inherent dangers and the potential for varying heat injuries. That said, there are some very important things you need to remember while you exercise this summer. The first … Read More

Maintaining Your Fitness this Summer

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As summer continues to settle into Bozeman the urge to enjoy the nice weather will increase. This will inevitably take away some of the time you spend in the gym going about your workout routine. Some may think this is a bad thing but it can be quite the opposite … Read More

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