[60 Day Transformation]

March 20th-May5th | Mondays and Wednesdays (Fallon 6:30-7:30pm or Downtown 6:45-7:45am)
This two-month program includes individualized meal plans, exercise programming, accountability, and education on how to practice healthy behaviors independently.  There are only 6-slots available so individuals wishing to participate in the 60-Day Transformation must apply and be interviewed for this program.

There will be two teams where participants will exercise as a small group 2 times per week for 30 min each. Participants will work with our on-staff Registered Dietitian on a one-on-one basis for 45 min each during the first week, then as a group during weeks 3 and 8.  There will be bi-weekly on-line nutrition evaluations for each participant by Katie and exercise and nutrition homework will be given and monitored for the duration of the program.  For more information or to apply, contact our Fitness Director, Eddie Davila, at eddie@ridgeathletic.com

Members $199 per/month  |  Non-Members $274 per/month

[Coached Swim Hour]

Ongoing | Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30am
This coached swim program is FREE for Members and consists of workouts based upon skill level and endurance.  Particapants must be able to swim 5 lengths without stopping.

[TRIBE Team Training | Upcoming Seasons]

Season 2  |  2017
FREE Trial Week:  Monday, March 6th-10th
Season 2 Begins:  Monday, March 13th-April 17th

Season 3  |  2017
FREE Trial Week:  Monday, April 24th-28th
Season 3 Begins:  Monday, May 1st-June 5th

Season 4  |  2017
FREE Trial Week:  Monday, June 12th-16th
Season 4 Begins:  Monday, June 19th-July 23rd

Season 5  |  2017
FREE Trial Week:  Monday, July 31st-August 4th
Season 5 Begins:  Monday, August 7th-September 11th

Try TRIBE for this week for FREE!  We will have all three offerings available to try throughout the week, but space is limited!  Stop by the Service Desk to sign up!  This is a great way to see which format works best for you!