[Torch It]

M/W/F | 5:30am and 9:00am | Monthly | Fallon gym

Torch It guarantees a calorie-incinerating, total body-sculpting workout with a fresh combination of strength-building and heart rate-blasting exercises. Each new day brings a new workout — you will never be bored, but you WILL burn! The first Torch It session of the month is complimentary for newcomers!

$85 Members | $210 Non-Members | $20/day Drop-In
Summer Special: June-August | 3 months for $199 (Non-Members $399)

[Warrior Workout]

M/W/F | 6:30-7:15am | July 8-Aug 2 | Downtown
T/Th | 6:30-7:15am | July 9-Aug 1 | Fallon Fitness Floor
T/Th | 6:30-7:15pm | July 9-Aug 1 | Fallon Fitness Floor

Warrior Workout is a military-grade workout designed to blast your whole body with cardio, isometrics, weights and core! If you’re training for the military, a spartan race, or just want to get in shape this summer, this session is designed for you!

$85 Members | $210 Non-Members

[Strong Women]

Level 1: T/Th | 5:30-6:30pm | July 9-Aug 1 | Fallon Fitness Floor
Level 2: M/W/F | 5:30-6:30pm | July 8-Aug 2 | Downtown

Strong Women was designed by women for women to help improve full body strength, stability, and cardiovascular endurance. This class takes place in small groups on the weight room floor, and teaches participants proper exercise technique, different workout styles, and how to use a variety of equipment.

$85 Members | $210 Non-Members

[Triple Play Friday Special]

Friday | 5:45-6:45am | June 14-July 26 | Ridge X

Rock your workout with the TRIPLE PLAY format: 25 minutes of cardio + 25 minutes of weights + 10 minutes of core. Triple Play is a phenomenal, high-intensity, full body workout! TRIPLE PLAY sessions are seven weeks.

$120 Members | $210 Non-Members


M/W | 10-11am | Monthly | Mon Gym; Weds Ridge X

RISE is a transition exercise program from therapy services, with the goal of promoting continued exercise, physical activity and wellness for people with chronic neurological conditions or significant mobility impairments.

$45 Members | $80 Non-Members