In 2013, we expanded our swim offerings to accommodate all levels of swimmers based on ability, rather than just age. By doing so, we are able to fit each child in the best possible learning environment so they feel safe and successful. With only 5 students per group, your swimmer will get personilized attention with our highly qualified instructors. Read the class descriptions below to find the right fit for your child. Need help deciding? Call Jason Schoper at (406) 586-1737 ext.105 or email

PARENT TOT (6 Mos-2 Yrs)
For infants and toddlers who need a parent in the water with them. Our instructor will coach parents on how to introduce your child to the water with some fun water games.

CLAMDIGGERS (ages 3-5)
This class is for children with limited or no previous swim experience. Children will learn basic water and safety skills through games, songs, and fun! The class goal is to become comfortable in the water.

TURTLES (ages 3-6)
This class is for children who are able to comfortably submerge underwater and attempt floating on front and back with assistance. Our goal is to learn proper breath control, float unassisted on front and back, jump in the water, and be able to reach the side independently using a beginner stroke.

STARFISH (ages 6+)
This is an introductory swim class for swimmers with limited or no previous class experience. We provide basic swim and safety instruction for beginner swimmers. Our goal is to comfortably float on front and back without assistance. Swimmers will learn proper breath control, and basic stroke mechanics.

CROCODILES (ages 6+)
This is an intermediate class for swimmers who are able to swim beginner front and back strokes independently with some rhythmic breathing. Our class goal is to be able to swim the length of the pool using basic stroke mechanics and roll comfortably from front to back.

SURFERS (ages 6+)
This is a class for experienced swimmers who are able to swim 25 yeards independently using proper stroke mechanics for freestyle and backstrokes. This class provides endurance and technical support for swimmers who have beginner stroke mastery. Our goal is to swim 50 yards using proper stroke mechanics with freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke. Swimmers will be introduced to the breaststroke.

BARRACUDAS (ages 6+)
This is an advanced class for swimmers who are able to swim 50 yards using proper stroke mechanics for freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstrokes. This class provides basic coordination for breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Our class goal is to swim multiple laps using good stroke mechanics and technique.

Spring Afternoon Swim Schedule

Monday and Wednesday afternoons
Clamdiggers and Turtles: 4-4:30pm
Starfish and Crocodiles: 4:30-5pm
Surfers and Barracudas: 5-5:30pm

Session 1: Jan 8-31
Session 2: Feb 5-28
Session 3: Mar 5-Apr 4 (No class the week of 3/12)
Session 4: Apr 9-May 2
Session 5: May 7-30

$75 Members | $85 Non-Members

Spring Saturday Morning Swim Schedule

Saturday mornings
Clamdiggers and Turtles: 9:30-10:00am
Starfish and Crocodiles: 10:00-10:30am

Surfers and Barracudas: 10:30-11:00am

Session 1: Jan 13-Feb 10
Session 2: Feb 17-Mar 24 (No class on 3/17)
Session 3: Mar 31-Apr 28
Session 4: May 5-June 2

$65 Members | $75 Non-Members

Spring Parent-Tot Swim Schedule

Wednesdays 10:15-10:45am
Session 1: Jan 10-Feb 7
Session 2: Feb 14-Mar 21
Session 3: Mar 28-Apr 25 (No class on 3/14)
Session 4: May 2-30

$55 Members | $65 Non-Members

Spring Advanced Ridge Swim Schedule

Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm
Session 1: Jan 11-Feb 15
Session 2: Feb 22-Apr 5 (No class on 3/15)
Session 3: Apr 12-May 17

$135 Members | $165 Non-Members

If you’re already a Ridge Member, click here to register. Non-Members, please call Jason Schoper at (406) 586-1737 ext.105 or email

Private lessons and other youth programs are also available!

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