Let your child visit our play tunnels, ball pit, and age appropriate toys while you take a moment for yourself.  You’ll thank yourself and so will they!  

Playzone Hours

Monday – Thursday  8:00am-1:30pm & 4:00-7:00pm
Fridays 8:00am-1:30pm
Saturdays 8:00am-12:00pm
Sundays CLOSED

Parent Notes

  • We are a nut free facility; please refrain from bringing any snacks that have nuts.
  • If your child is sick, please keep them home.  Children not well enough to attend school will not be accepted into Ridge Kids.  We will notify you if they are sick and in need of immediate pick up.
  • If you are leaving the facility, please leave a reachable number.
  • Please put your child’s name on their bag, snack, & cup.
  • We accept children 6 weeks to 12 years old.  Infants through 18 months require a reservation.
  • Maximum stay is 3 hours.  A $10 late fee will be assessed per child in 10 minute increments after the 3 hour limit has been reached.
  • If there is a behavioral problem, we use time outs.  Should the behavioral issue ensue, we will contact you.  If you have a different technique for your child, please let our staff know.
  • No gum or electronics (iPads, iPhones, etc.) Allowed.  If they bring a toy, please remember things get lost.


**All infants under the age of 18 months require a reservation.  Please Call 406.582.4452 for reservations.

**All staff is fully trained and CPR certified.  A national background check is completed for each staff member upon hiring.