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October 8, 2010 3:43 pm


Did you post observations about running forms from the other night I can’t find? Also, tips?
And another “beginner” question…in terms of treadmill, what is best mph for beginners-or is it with what we are comfortable with? I am doing 3.9 mph walking & 4.9 mph running….not sure if that is where I should be or not for training? Also, before our run the other night I did 4 miles elliptical & stairs…I would guess that I should not do anything except for run those days, am I correct


October 8, 2010 4:31 pm

I also was wondering about your observations of form for running through class; in addition, wondering about proper breathing pattern and pace.

My biggest question/concern is proper stretching – could you include your suggested best running stretches on the blog, or at class? Specifically, I have been having issues with my shins – best stretches, strengthening for that area?



Hey Everyone! Thanks again for coming to class on Tuesday! Some of you may think I am crazy for making you go the 3.1 mile distance but I wanted you to know what that distance feels like and know that you will be able to reach your goal! Stick this out, we won’t be doing that same workout again but now I know where everyone is at and I have a great group of ladies!

To answer Roxene’s question, I have included a list of conversions between miles per hour and minutes per mile. I have no magic number for everyone to aim for when running outside or on the treadmill. What I want is for everyone to find their own pace. I also included a chart with average running times for beginners. Try running a mile and time it. It will show you exactly where you are at on the chart below and give you a goal to shoot for. As far as running this 5k, I am writing out a weekly plan to get everyone to focus on running! You should primarily stick to the program right now for your exercise. I would not recommend doing cardio before we go out and run. Thanks for your questions!

To answer Tammy’s questions, allot of you may experience shin splints. Shin splints are to ice your shins. You can fill a Dixie cup with water and freeze it. When frozen rip the paperback and rub the ice over your shins for about 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. Be very careful that you don’t hold the ice on your skin. You need to rub the ice up and down your shins. You can also use an ice pack but make sure you have a barrier between your shins and the ice while leaving the ice pack on. You will also want to rest your legs and elevate them. If they hurt badly take ibuprofen, it is an anti-inflammatory medication and it will reduce the pain and swelling. Shin splints may also be a result of improper footwear. If it has been a long time since you have had new shoes you will want to get some. You should change your shoes out every 3-5 hundred miles! So if you have had your shoes for 1-2 years its time for a new pair.

Lastly, I noticed many things while everyone was running and I would like to look at you all one on one so next Tuesday I will talk to you all in person about technique. A couple of things, you want to keep your chest up, shoulders back and shoulders relaxed. Allot of you were shrugging your shoulders and clenching your fists. You want to keep your arms relaxed at your side and your arms loose and your fingers relaxed!!!

Article on breathing technique for runners!

For some great stretches click the hyperlink below!

Min per Mile               Mph

15                                                                4.0

14                                                                4.2

13                                                                4.6

12                                                                5

11                                                                5.45

10                                                                6

9                                                                    6.6

8                                                                    7.5

7                                                                    8.5

Average Beginner Pace for 5k Race

  • · 13 min/mile pace finishing 5K in over 40 minutes
  • · 12 min/mile pace finishing 5K in around 37 minutes
  • · 11 min/mile pace finishing 5K in about 34 minutes
  • · 10 min/mile pace finishing 5K in 31 minutes
  • · 9 min/mile pace finishing 5K in about 28 minutes
  • · 8 min/mile pace finishing 5K in around 25 minutes
  • · 7min/mile pace finishing 5K in between 21 minutes 30 seconds and 22 minutes
  • · 6 min/mile pace finishing 5K in 18 minutes 30 seconds

Thanks for your questions! Keep up the good work! I will post your new workout every Sunday night for the following week!

5K Preparation

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Huffing For Stuffing Preparation

 Thank you for showing your interest in the 5k run! This is a program for beginners. It does not mean that if you are not a beginner you may not join, but just to be aware that we are going to start out basic and make our way gradually to the 3.1 mile goal.

Gear needed for running

  • Running shoes
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Running tights or sweats
  • Jacket (warm jacket, rain jacket)

(Best to come dressed in layers. If you are hot it is way easier to just take something off than to be too cold.) We will be running outside every Tuesday, even if it is cold or there is snow on the ground so please come prepared!

Fuel for your run

            It is important when starting any sort of exercise program to nourish your body so you may perform your best. Something to focus on is making sure you are hydrated. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 nalgenes (64 oz) of water throughout the day. Then after our run you will want to drink 8 oz of water every hour until you go to bed. Also, it is important to focus on eating the right amount so that you have enough energy for your run! This means you would most likely have your three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Then maybe a few light snacks in between whether it’s a little bit of almonds, a piece of fruit, or a granola bar. Many people may experience stomach cramps while running. Often times this is due to not having enough time in between your last meal and a run for gastric emptying. You want to eat your last bigger meal at least 2-3 hours before your run and just have a light carbohydrate snack 1 hour before your run if you are hungry. The best recovery snack after exercise is 8 oz glass of 1-2% chocolate milk. It has the right 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein for your body to recover.

Body stiffness/soreness

            Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) is the soreness felt in the muscles throughout the body 12-24 hours after exercise. This soreness is due to the tiny micro-tears that occur in your muscles and the lactic acid and hydrogen ion accumulation that comes along with most new physical strain put on your body. Though you may feel stiff and tired it is best to keep moving. You will want to make sure you stretch after every workout holding your stretches for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Instead of saying you are too sore and sitting down all day, get up and go for a light walk, this will help clear the lactic acid accumulation from your muscles causing you to feel better! The good news, as we start to run more frequently you will increase your lactate threshold and will not be as sore anymore!!!

Week One Huffing for Stuffing Training

Beginner Runner


This program is for individuals who have not run at all, not run for a long time, run just a little, or run at a beginner level and would like to start out slow. If you are a consistent runner or if you find this program to not be challenging enough for you, try timing your runs and work on setting a faster pace for yourself!


            Today is your first day of this eight week program! Congratulations! You may be feeling a bit nervous and maybe even scared but don’t be. This will be a great experience for you! You will be running and walking tomorrow for an hour, so today I don’t want you to do any strenuous activity that will cause soreness. I would like you to get outside in your running shoes and alternate walking and jogging for about 20 minutes, if you have a gym membership and would rather do this on a treadmill that works too. Your goal is to keep your heart rate up and to just get moving! At the end of your run/walk I want you to stretch for about 10 minutes holding your stretches for 30 seconds.


            Group run tonight for paid participants in the Ridge running group. See you tonight at 6 pm! It’s supposed to be about 60 degrees with a chance of rain so come prepared! Those of you who are not in the running group I would like you to get outside or use a treadmill you may have at home. Your goal is to start out with a 10 minute walking warm-up. You are just trying to get your muscles warm for our workout so walk fast enough to increase your body temperature. After the ten minutes warm up, you will walk one minute jog one minute for about 35 minutes. After you are finished alternating walking and jogging, I want you to cool down for about 10 minutes. Your ten minute cool down is a slower pace. You’re trying to get your heart rate back down. Now stretch for 10 minutes holding your stretches for about 30 seconds.


            You may be sore from yesterday so, I want you to take it easier today. The weather is supposed to be sunny with a high of 72 degrees! I would like you to do 30 minutes of exercise. This can be on an elliptical, going for a walk, a bike ride, or a hike. You are just focusing on getting yourself moving to prevent further soreness. At the end of your workout remember to stretch for ten minutes holding each stretch for 30 seconds!


            Yesterday was a break day for your body. Today is supposed to be partly cloudy with a high of 70 degrees.  Today I want you to do some sort of strength training mixed in with cardio and resistance.  For the first 10 minutes of your workout I want you to walk to warm up. Next I want you to do an interval workout alternating 2 minutes of walking with 2 minutes of jogging for 20 minutes total. After you are done I want you to cool down for 5 minutes. When you get back home or if you are at the gym I want you to find a place on a wall where you can do some wall sits alternating with pushups. You will start with a wall sit then do one set of pushups and keep alternating until you have completed all four sets! Remember to stretch when your workout is completed!

Proper wall sit form (Do four wall sits holding the first two for 30 seconds and the last two for 45 seconds) 


Proper push up form (you will do 15 pushups each set for a total of 4 sets)








            Today is another light day. The weather is supposed to be rainy with a high of 60 degrees so it may be harder for you to get outside. If you can I want you to get out and be active for 30 minutes. You may choose to ride a bike, walk, hike or go to the gym and use the elliptical. Whatever it is that you choose, I want you to focus on getting your heart rate up and sweating a little. Start your activity with a 10 minutes warm up and end it with a 5 minute cool down!


            You have almost made it through your first week of exercise! Today will be sunny with a high of 66 degrees! Get outside and move! I want you to do another interval training day. For the first 10 minutes of your workout I want you to walk to warm up. Next I want you to do an interval workout alternating 2 minutes of walking with 2 minutes of jogging for 20 minutes total. I really want you to push your self today. You have tomorrow completely off so work hard today! After you are done I want you to cool down for 5 minutes. At the end of your workout I would like you to work on some core strengthening.

Proper form for oblique crunch (Do two sets of 20 alternating with the basic crunch)


Proper form for Basic Crunch (do 2 sets of 15)








            You worked hard this week! Take the day off!!!!

Member of the Month~ Janet Cassidy


My name is Janet Cassidy and I moved to Bozeman almost 4 years ago.  When I moved to Bozeman I weighed 330lbs and was a type II diabetic.  I didn’t struggle with my weight, I just lived with it.  I was never a yo yo dieter I just enjoyed food too much! But as time went on I realized I was going down a road that would shorten my life.  About a year ago I noticed that the School District wellness department offered discounted memberships to local gyms.  The thought of going to a gym terrified me, I thought gyms only catered the already in shape, and let’s face it Bozeman has its share of healthy in shape citizens – very intimidating.  A friend of my convinced me to try the Ridge, I joined and was extremely impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the level of professionalism and the amount of equipment available.  When you are overweight living in a society that views you as “less,” entering into an exercise environment is scary; I was afraid of what people would think and how they would treat me.  I started just going every other day and using the treadmill.  After my first work out on the treadmill, I was proud of myself for walking for a ½ hour at 2.3 miles an hour.  Now I am capable of climbing Sacagawea Mountain and did so at the end of last summer.  I choose to work out that first day, but the Ridge was the reason I continued. I was amazed at the welcoming attitude and that gave me the confidence to keep going.   I am almost grateful that I got to experience life at my heaviest; I now get to be amazed everyday at what my body is now capable of.

As of today, I have lost a total of 137lbs from my heaviest weight and I am off all diabetic medication. I still have more to go, but I never dreamed that I could be this person, the person that goes to a gym every morning at 5:15am and every afternoon.  The one constant throughout my journey was going to the Ridge, I am shocked at how many of the Ridge employees and members have noticed my journey and have given me many words of encouragement.  As a society body image is so important to us, but we need to remember so is kindness.  It has taken the support of many people to get me here – friends, doctors, fellow employees, nutritionists and trainers, as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, but in my case it took a village to make me healthy and for that I am grateful.

Way to go Janet!!!!!

Spice up your diet with…Blueberries!

Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.


All Organic
One cup = 80 Calories

Directions: Mix one cup blueberries with half teaspoon honey and one teaspoon cinnamon


US Agricultural Research Service:

  • Neutralize chemicals in the body that cause cell damage leading to cancer, disease, and the effects of aging
  • Slow declines in brain function related to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Improve learning capacity and fine motor skills

*Studies based on consumption of 1/2 cup of blueberries per day

Cinnamon & Honey

  • Cardiac ailments: Lowers Cholesterol, eases loss of breath and stimulates normal heart rhythms
  • Relieves coughs, cold symptoms and sinus congestion
  • Alleviates stomach aches and helps heal ulcers
  • Aides in digestion, especially when consumed before meals
  • Gargle with cinnamon and honey for fresh breath all day
  • Has been shown to help in healing cancer found in stomach and bones even in advanced stages
  • Reinforces body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses overall, including the bladder, skin, and immune system
  • Aides in weight loss
  • Aides in regaining losses in hearing
  • Anti-aging/ Maintain supple skin/ Increase life-span: One spoon of cinnamon with four spoons of honey to three cups water – Boil together and drink 1/4 cup four times each day

Leah’s Hike Picks


Drinking Horse TrailDoes the thought of another bout of cardio on the elliptical or treadmill got you down?  Time to get outside then! Chances are, one of the very reasons you live in Bozeman is the recreational opportunities that are right outside your door.  Here are my three favorite day hikes in the Bozeman area that are geared toward the beginner or intermediate:

  1. Sourdough Trail – I fell in love with this one two years ago while training for my first marathon. The terrain is gradual for the first three miles in. If I only have an hour, I like to head North at the Y through some of residentional areas; if you head South at the Y, you will find steeper terrain.
  2. Lava Lake – A great one to take mid morning and then hop in the lake when you get to the top as a reward. The grade is steep – but the trail is in great shape. If you’re an angler and you have a float tube, I suggest you go the extra mile and pack it in. The fishing is awesome — lots of action on dries up there — pan sized Rainbows!
  3. The Double Whammie – A favorite challenge of mine — run the “M” following the “most popular route” followed by Drinking Horse Trail. If you can run the whole thing you are an animal in my book! Also a great choice for someone who wants a longer walking hike that is close to town with two incredible views.

Author: Leah Vogel, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs

Ridge Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading:

. . . This is not a “diet book.” Rather it advocates lifestyle choices that the authors believe will promote healthy
aging. The target audience is women [and men] over the age of 50 who want to do all they can to minimize the decline in health and functional status that often accompanies aging in the U.S. The authors emphatically state that weight loss is not the goal. The book covers a wide range of topics from social connectedness, relationships among older people, medical conditions associated with aging, sexuality, alcohol, and finding purpose in later life . . .

—Daniel H. Bessesen, M.D.
University of Colorado at Denver
and Health Sciences Center

Introducing Jaimie Noble, our nutritionist!

Inside the Food PyramidThe Ridge is pleased to announce we have a new nutritionist on staff, Jaimie Noble! She will be hosting a free nutrition seminar Wednesday, July 14th at 6:30 pm called “Inside the Food Pyramid.”  Come explore all of the food groups and learn how to get the right amount in each.  The seminar will meet at The Ridge on Fallon in the conference room.  If you’d like to meet with Jaimie one-on-one, or find out more information on how working with a nutritionist can help you meet your goals, contact Josh at 586-1737.


Hi!  My name is Jamie Noble and I am a nutrition addict.  I recently graduated from MSU with a Food and Nutrition degree.  Two of my greatest passions in life are food and exercise.  In 2006, I transferred from The University of Montana as a business major to MSU in hopes of finding a different field.  I was having trouble choosing a different major, so I took a semester off to work full time.  Working full time was not right for me at the time, so began my obsession with food, cooking, and fitness.  I had found my calling: food.  I began experimenting with recipes, exploring new cuisines, and tasting everything I can.  I found healthy ways to use food as my fuel for life and exercise.  The knowledge I have gained from the Food and Nutrition program empowered me to complete a full marathon, multiple races, and to lead an active life.

I cannot stand to be bored so I find constructive things to do in my spare time:
• Running, exercising
• Cooking and baking
• Hiking
• Camping
• Making jewelry
• Painting and art

 The last few months I have been providing nutrition seminars here at The Ridge and love them!  I am very passionate about health and wellness and helping people understand the importance of nutrition.  I do not believe in telling people what they should eat, but by leading them in the right direction, providing new ideas, and educating them to make their own decision.  Healthy eating is an achievable task and I want to motivate people to try.  I want to provide new ideas for meals and food, information about nutrients, and the importance of a well-balanced diet.  Nutrition is not just food; it is a habit, a lifestyle and a way of life. 

Eating right and staying physically active are ways of a healthy lifestyle.  Learning about healthful habits and smarter food choices help you feel better today and stay healthy tomorrow.

My Top 5 Nutrition Tips…
1. Color your plate. When you have more color, that usually means more nutrition!
2. Eat food you like. Restriction of food now causes you to eat much more later.
3. Eat more to weigh less! How? Fruits and vegetables are low calorie and high in nutrients, so eating them all day will keep your calories low but your body strong.
4. Explore new foods. Just like your workout routine, your diet needs to be switched up once in a while to challenge your body and help keep you healthy. Try a new cuisine like Thai, Indian, Moroccan, or Greek!
5. Eat breakfast! Even if you aren’t hungry, eat something. Grab a piece of fruit, granola bar, or yogurt on the go; make a smoothie the night before, or have a simple bowl of cereal; how about breakfast sandwiches or omelets? Yum!



Staff Picks Workout Playlist

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The music you choose to listen to can make a huge impact on your workout mood and intensity.  We asked some of our staff what they like to listen to during their workouts and came up with a playlist full of oldies, hard rock, hip hop, and everything in between.  If you’ve been telling yourself for months you’re going to update your iPod, here’s a great start!

Coastin’ | Zion I | Rayna Stewart – Assistant Manager
Rock That Body | Black Eyed Peas | Christine Odagiri – Membership
All I Do Is Win | DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain | Christine Odagiri – Membership
Mind Eraser, No Chaser | Them Crooked Vultures | Chris Jensen – Maintenance
Mother | Zandig | Chris Jensen – Maintenance
I Don’t Care | Apocalyptica | Josh Palmer – Personal Training
Rooster | Alice in Chains | Josh Palmer – Personal Training
Commander | Kelly Rowland | Shann Mack – Front Desk
I Like It | Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull | Shann Mack – Front Desk
Getting Over You | Fergie and David Guetta | Shann Mack – Front Desk
Get Ready to Die |  Andrew W.K. | Colin Dow – Membership
Battle of Stirling | 48th Highlanders | Colin Dow – Membership
Black Betty | Ram Jam | Krista Kottraba – Personal Training
Space Jam | Quad City DJ’s | Conner Elhard – Front Desk
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor | Drowning Pool | Conner Elhard – Front Desk
I Love Rock N’ Roll | Joan Jett | Amy Williams – Business Office
We Are the Champions | Queen | Amy Williams – Business Office
Show Me What Your Workin’ With | E-40 feat. Too Short | Chris Unger – Personal Training
Satisfaction | Benny Benassi | Chris Unger – Personal Training

How Many Exercises Should I Do per Muscle Group?

Jackie Corcoran, Personal Trainer at The Ridge Athletic Club, just picked up a new book at Barnes & Noble called “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.”  It’s an awesome book that gives you the correct technique, muscle groups, and variations of tons of exercises.  The book also answers all of your common lifting questions, hence the title, of this post, How Many Exercises Should I Do per Muscle Group?

One.  It’s an approach that’s simple and effective. You actually obtain most of the benefits of weight lifting from the first exercise you do, when your muscles are fresh. For instance, let’s say you complete three sets of each of the dumbbell bench press, the incline dumbbell bench press, and the dumbbell fly. By the time you reach the last exercise, the amount of weight you can handle is far lower than had you done that movement first. See for yourself by trying the routine in reverse order: You’ll find that for the dummbell bench press, you’ll be able to lift far less than wehn you do it first–and have to use a weight you’d normally consider too light. So the benefit to your muscles will have diminished. That’s why, most of the time, sticking with one exercise per muscle group makes the most sense, especially if you have a limited amount of time to work out.” (The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, Campbell, page 16-17)

Trainer Krista Kottraba’s Favorite Smoothie

Personal Trainer Krista Kottraba

Ridge Personal Trainer Krista Kottraba shares her favortie smoothie recipe with us, no measuring required!

  • Frozen banana (chop a fresh banana and then freeze )
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • 1/2 carton low fat yogurt, your flavor of choice!
  • 100% Orange juice (best fresh squeezed!)

Fill frozen fruit in the cup you will be using about 3/4 full.  Pour fruit and yogurt in a blender and add orange juice until it covers the top of the fruit.  Blend and Enjoy!

One serving size on average will be 350 calories.

Author: Krista Kottraba, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs

    Member of the Month in Our Next Commercial!

    If you remember, our first ever Member of the Month was Stacy Smith.  After that post, we also asked Stacy to be in a commercial for us.  She bravely accepted and we’re so excited she did because it turned out awesome!  Read her Member of the Month story here, and then watch the video to see it in action!


    Get the most out of the gym this summer!

    As we experienced last week, the warm, sunny days of summer lie right in front of us, making it tempting to skip your workout at the gym and go for a jog outside. I’m guilty of it too sometimes, but here are my main reasons for keeping up my gym workouts during the summer…

    1. We live in Montana, one day it’s beautiful out, the next it’s hailing or raining…perfect example, last week.
    2. You’ve worked so hard all winter to up the reps/weights/intensity of your workouts.  By not keeping up with your strength training during the summer, come September, you may be starting at square one.
    3. There’s no need to fight off the swarms of children like you do at the local outdoor pool.
    4. Air conditioning.
    5. Oftentimes the intensity of your outdoor workouts may not match those you do with a routine. Try wearing a heart rate monitor to measure your intensity levels; if they are comparable, you’re fine.  If one far outweighs the other, stick to that.

    I still love to run outside, feel the sunshine, and get a little tan, but I make sure to incorporate my weights first, and then take my cardio outdoors.  Another great way to get outside but still keep up your progress is by joining one of our upcoming programs.  Functional Fitness, Lana’s Bootcamp, and Triathlon Training have either all or part of their workouts take place outdoors.

    Author: Christine Odagiri, Membership Advisor, The Ridge Athletic Clubs

    Book Review: The end of overeating

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    This is a well-written, easily understandable, interesting book on the very serious subject of overeating. The book is broken into six parts with relatively small chapters ranging in size from approximately three pages to eleven pages in length with many in the four to seven page range. The first part, for example, has 13 chapters so there is much information but it is presented in a way which flows well together.

    When I got this book I was interested in the subject matter but I was worried that the book would be boring or so technical that I would lose interest. I read this book in two days and it has changed my approach to eating.

    Part One, of the book, Sugar, Fat, Salt, talks about why people eat and overeat. It looks at the physical as well as psychological aspects of overeating.
    Part Two, of the book (my favorite), The Food Industry, gives specific examples of how restaurants and the food industry contribute to the problem by creating food that people want to eat but is not healthy. For instance I never new that bread had so much salt because it takes away the bitter taste of the flour and brings up the flavor. The author also addresses how nutrition information on packaging is manipulated by the food industry. For instance if a food contains more sugar than any other ingredient it must go first on the list but if you use a number of sources of sugar like brown sugar, corn syrup and fructose each is listed individually and goes lower on the list.

    Part Three, Conditioned Hypereating Emerges, talks about how we get trapped into an overeating pattern. It references numerous studies and explores whether overeating is nature, nurture or both.

    Part Four, The Theory of Treatment, talks about theoretical ways people can break the overeating habit.

    Part Five, Food Rehab, offers practical ways individuals can stop overeating. The advice is great.

    Part Six, The End Of Overeating, talks about the challenges ahead to end overeating. While it will not be easy, each individual has the power to end his or her overeating despite roadblocks created by the food industry or our own physical or mental makeup.

    This is a great book that has started me thinking differently about food. It is well written and the best on the subject I have ever read.

    Author: Jackie Corcoran, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs

    1 13 14 15 16 17